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Netscape browser archiveMany thanks to Antony Shen for letting me swipe the buttons that he so carefully collected (and made) for his Netscape browser archive.

Just two days after first posting this collection, I find somebody else thought of something very similar before me. . . . Mark McDonald has lots of good buttons, and I haven't added them here, so go take a look. (Mid-1999 update: His ISP has pulled the plug on his excellent page. Let's hope it's revived elsewhere.)

And another one! dIMITRI's "Buttons now!" is, yes, a page full o' "Now!" buttons. It's more informative than this collection, and less likely to destroy your monitor or give you a headache. [now unavailable]

And how about
some ribbons?

You want more buttons? Try these:

Antibuttons Buttonize

If you want to try making your own, here's where to go:

Buttonz/Tilez button factory cooltext


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