Here are some touristy photos of Friedberg, in Bavarian Schwabia, that I took on 12-14 August 1999.

Friedberg is a town, not a suburb, but it is only eight kilometres or so east of the much larger Augsburg and seems to have become a dormitory town. That's how we used it, spending little time there; it was only later that I read of its museum and other attractions. But the accommodation was good, an Italian restaurant was excellent, and the bookstore was selling copies of the town's literary Almanach. Moreover, Friedberg has its own surprises. . . .

[Friedberg: bikes, pretzels, and beer]

Display window for a bicycle shop. Under the pretzels is a map of the area, with each Biergarten conveniently flagged. So who needs "sports drinks"?

[mantelope, Friedberg]

Mural on a wall that reminded me of Quentin Crisp's Chog. (The best part are the duplex eyes, which unfortunately don't come out well on this photo.)

[Friedberg couple] [Friedberg couple (him)] [Friedberg couple (her)]

A silent couple in the center of the town, otherwise deserted early in the morning.

[pink lady, Friedberg]

Now, if Botero were less commercially minded and had more of a sense of humor, he might do his voluminous ladies in pink.

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